Blackwake Review

Crank some sea shanties and grab some friends for Blackwake, a multiplayer team based naval FPS for PC. Blackwake is a breath of fresh air in an era stuffed with stale survival games.

In Blackwake the Royal Navy and Pirates square off until one's ship is captured, sinks or runs out of player tickets. Game modes range from a 1v1 ship dual to a full on fleet battle with six ships and 54 players. In a typical match players choose which team and pick a ship. Players vote for the ship's captain, if that captain isn't cut out to lead, players may vote to mutiny. The crew of 8 is tasked with loading the cannons, repairing the ship and sails, pumping water from the ship, putting out fires and ultimately killing the opposing team.

Blackwake is a chaotic symphony of destruction when two ships meet on the open water. Matches start off slow giving the crew time to load the cannons and come up with a game plan. Once in the thick of it, game play becomes frantic with crew members repairing the ship and desperately trying to reload the cannons before the next broadside hits. There's nothing like watching a crew member get blown up right in front of you and chunks of meat flying everywhere. If the range battle isn't working out, the captain may decide to ram the enemy ship allowing the crew to board and engage in hand to hand combat with muskets and swords with a chance to end the game quickly.

Don't hesitate, buy Blackwake and support a development team that really cares about their game. Blackwake is currently on sale for 10% off on Steam until March 3rd.