Community Post 3: Amhrán & Marauder

Hello internet, it's been a while. Last I saw you, it was 2015, the world was sane and an oompa loompa wasn't the front runner for the Republican party. Well, We (by we I mean myself and Victor) have been busy working on a few things, and I thought now would be a good time to talk about those things and let you know what you can expect from us in the near future

1. Amhrán

In the last community update I told you guys about Amhrán. Amhrán is a first person adventure game which is being built in Unreal Engine 4. As of now, most of the systems are completed and we are in the process of refining them, fine tuning the world build and implementing our varying systems, such as inventory, stats, combat, dialogue and interactions with NPCs, detection and equipping items to yourself (just to name a few). On top of that, we've been hard at work modeling and texturing some blender assets and, to be honest, they look absolutely gorgeous.

 One of the  cantons  which will be one of the major components in the city of Eolasiúl.

One of the cantons which will be one of the major components in the city of Eolasiúl.

 Another part of the  canton  city of Eolasiúl.

Another part of the canton city of Eolasiúl.

Victor and I are hoping to have a minimal viable product (or demo) ready for release here by the end of this calendar year that showcases the main features of the game. After the release of the demo we hope to continue periodic work on it but we don't plan on releasing a full version of it unless we are able to get a large enough demand for it or receive feedback from people who would like to see it in a completed state. This is due mainly to the fact that both Victor and I are in the middle of applying for jobs within the industry and will not have enough time to be doing applications and actively developing this game. We both hope in the future to come back to Amhrán and eventually finish it, but having a playable demo out there is a good start which we can eventually come back to.

In addition to a playable demo, Victor and I will be creating a few short videos to release on YouTube; a sizzle reel, a play-through, and a post-mortem on what we learned from this entire process. Look for those to come around Christmas time of this year.

2. Marauder

In case anyone does not know, I released a demo of Marauder earlier this year; it was a project I had started during a game-build-a-thon towards the end of last semester. Since then, I've been refining the systems and I'm coming to a point where I am very close to only needing to do level design.

As of writing this, player movement, score accumulation and enemy a.i are all essentially done, but I am working on building a more complex a.i which I'll use to create some fun level bosses. After that, I can begin work purely on building levels and creating some 8-bit animations/cut-scenes. The timeline for this to be a completed game should be by May of 2017 (fingers-crossed!).  

So, that's the plan as of now. I'll be periodically doing more community posts to act as devblogs to let everyone know how we're progressing. I'm feeling very optimistic and I hope you guys are too! Until next time, you stay classy internet :)