First Rocket League Patch Live

Rocket League has finally released its first patch to fix some minor issues. Here are the best of the patch notes.

  • Now the first player to quit a ranked match will receive a 15 minuet ban from matchmaking. This was much needed, It was easier to quit a match and rejoin matchmaking rather than sitting through a humiliating loss. Hopefully this will strengthen teamwork and keep people from giving up.
  • Cross platform quick chat now actually works!
  • Optimized PS4 video performance.


Music From No Man's Sky

One thing that you'll notice about Six06 is that we love music, especially music from video games. One of our most anticipated games is No Man's Sky and While this game may be one of the most revolutionary procedurally-generated games ever created, it seems that the music of No Man's Sky will also have the most revolutionary soundtrack of any game. With the help of the band 65 Days of Static, No Man's Sky will be introducing a procedurally-generated soundtrack.